Testimony Versus Confession

Testimony Versus Confession

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By: Roberto Yoingco de Leon Now you know what happens when you confess to the devil. He won’t believe you. Once a liar, always a liar? So how do you get to the truth? Lascañas statements: not testimonies but confessions. You know the difference? Filipinos wrong-headed! Silent when…

On Karma

“It gaba di nahilaba” is a famous Waray adage, which means karma/comeuppance is not long in coming. It is as if the ether is a huge data bank, where our every thought, word and action is given a ci… Source: On Karma

Is There a God?

With what is obtaining in the Philippines, many are asking if there is a God. They are questioning why God gave them Duterte as president, as abhorrent as that can be. Let’s go with the premi… Source: Is There a God?

What Ties Your Spirit to Your Body? – Perispirit

By Brian Foster   Introduction You may ask, how does reincarnation really work? How can we know who we are in successive lives and in the spirit world? The answer is the perispirit. The perispirit … Source: What Ties Your Spirit to Your Body? – Perispirit