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A few days ago I have received a very interesting account of an experience that an incredible light worker has shared with me about opening the portal at Luxor. What she managed to do, has altered the history of mankind and will continue to have tremendously positive effects on our future individually and collectively.

Here is what I have received from Magda: Magda writes: Dear Anaa and Natalyasekmet 1a-1

It was an amazing experience specially at the Sekmet Temple in Karnak. The statue of Sekmet has lots of power and we felt that while entering . The temple is dark ,We started taking pictures and as the flash light we could see energies running all around as seen in picture 1 a and 1b .
sekmet2a-1I put the Metatron tool at her feet it is clear in picture 1a as it has a reddish light at the edge(from the flash I suppose)

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