Posted in September 2016

What Ties Your Spirit to Your Body? – Perispirit

By Brian Foster   Introduction You may ask, how does reincarnation really work? How can we know who we are in successive lives and in the spirit world? The answer is the perispirit. The perispirit … Source: What Ties Your Spirit to Your Body? – Perispirit Advertisements

Sorcery in Governance

In one of the comments in the Daily Inquirer, one posited, albeit with levity, that a sorcerer-consultant is dictating Duterte to kill as many as he can, so that he can can be macho forever. I find… Source: Sorcery in Governance

The Davao of My Youth

Back in 1972, I spent a lot of time in Davao City to escape Marcos’s Martial Law. When I worked in the Consunji Group of Companies in 1979, my turf was Davao City also, inasmuch as the… Source: The Davao of My Youth