Posted in June 2016

Thank You, PNoy!

We are one with the Armed Forces of the Philippines in thanking President Benigno S. Aquino III for a nonpareil service to country. Even as the president’s term of office ends June 30, his tr… Source: Thank You, PNoy! Advertisements

Joe America: Lunch with President Aquino

What are the qualities of President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III that are generally not recognized in a popular press busy leveraging conflict to sell papers or build audience? Here’s … Source: Joe America: Lunch with President Aquino

Proof of the Indestructability of The Soul

Note:  Since the beginning of history, the esoteric truths were handed down from the Spirit World through mediums and human channels,  The Bible was written in this fashion, where Spi… Source: Proof of the Indestructability of The Soul

On the Reimposition of the Death Penalty

Dear Congressmen and Senators,This pertains to the reimposition of the death penalty, as being ordered by incoming president Duterte.First off, Duterte’s ascent to power was based on manufactured crisis, which the naive electorate bought, hook line and sinker. Please don’t pile on it; it was a mistake to elect him to begin with, why should … Continue reading