God Osiris – On Current Energies – Channeler Rae Chandran – 9-16-15

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God Osiris   –   On Current Energies   –  Channeler Rae Chandran   –    9-16-15



Blessed Atlantean Family,

My love to you all. I am Osiris.

During the next several months, you all have an opportunity to completely resurrect yourself in all aspects – in the cells and also in every area of your life. The intense energies on the planet from the past two months (September and October) and continuing into January 2016 is in preparation for this. During the past few months, you might have noticed that there is an intensity of energy and also many past scnarios from past lives coming up and also from other realities and dimensions. What it is doing is a flushing of the sub conscious and the unconscious mind, so that all can be purged and healed. This is some thing like a micro death process, where in you are able to observe…

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