Posted in September 2015

O Saint Paschal

Clouds and dewdrops have descendedBlanketed the earth in moistnessThe eucharistic sun sucked them inThey as souls ascended in your embraceThey as ancestors, vestiges of the pastYet still awesome in their presenceO mighty one, the one and only lawThe one and only omnipotence, the righteousHow benevolent of you to give us Saint PaschalAs protector and go-between, … Continue reading

God Osiris – On Current Energies – Channeler Rae Chandran – 9-16-15

Originally posted on Higher Density Blog:
God Osiris   –   On Current Energies   –  Channeler Rae Chandran   –    9-16-15 * Blessed Atlantean Family, My love to you all. I am Osiris. During the next several months, you all have an opportunity to completely resurrect yourself in all aspects – in the cells and also in…