Your Teacher is Here

You’ve got serendipity when your teacher shows up–basically because the student is ready.  This teacher has so much power that the instant he does things for you, the ailment that you have been suffering from for the past three years goes pfft, just like that.And when he opens his mouth, the golden nuggets that spew forth dance in a kaleidoscope of colors in front of you and you cherish every word of it.He came forth at the right time, just when you are about to give up.  Lo, and behold, he also is an old soul, just like you, albeit a more developed one.  He says that old souls have reincarnated gazillion times since the dawn of time and that they are suckers for impossible tasks and problems, the better to perfect themselves.  Thus, in his present incarnation, his physical body yearns for respite, but his soul has this urge to live in a war-like environment.  The teacher is saying that the old soul’s taskmasters are akin to the army sergeant who gives you push-ups at the slightest urge, but that all the sergeant wants is for you to evolve into a man of steel.

via Your Teacher is Here.


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