Composting is Basic

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Food is a basic human need, and it starts with the basics of composting. With the world-wide trend of weaning away from chemical inputs, composting carbon-based materials is a sine qua non to a successful organic farm. We in Guinarona have the brain trust, manpower and resources to implement such program.

Below are the basics of composting manure manure, be it from horses, pigs, chickens, etc.

Multiple bin system for composting manure. Multiple bin system for composting manure.

Why Compost?

Many horse owners and small livestock operations do not have access to sufficient land to make good use of manure by spreading. Composting provides another option for managing manure on the farm.
Microorganisms in the compost pile, including bacteria and fungi, break down the organic components of manure and bedding into smaller particles while releasing carbon dioxide, water and heat. The end product of composting is a dark, crumbly, earthy-smelling product similar to potting soil…

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