The Way of Snakes

As if the country is in the grip of a diabolical force that makes its inhabitants so crazy as to find fault in someone else except themselves.  What could be this force? Is it the second coming Christ, as it were?Some are so brazen as to accuse President Noynoy Aquino of mental instability, never mind that the guy is superb in managing the affairs of government, with foreign governments and businessmen taking notice and giving it an A rating. Pray tell, is that a sign of mental instability?You might say that these contrabidas are only a handful, but the thing is, they are in media, and media have their own agenda, their own slant. But they grate just the same, and there’s the rub. Of course, these media people are not divine, a lot of them are unscrupulous. A lot of them are what we call “attack and collect”. Is there anything more vile than selling your soul to the devil?Beware of snakes—they are everywhere including government. Say, haven’t you noticed that as soon as the Anti Money Laundering Council set sights on the bank accounts of VP Binay, the paid rallies and demonstrations came to a halt? That tells you the quality of men and women in those movements. They are not doing their thing as principled human beings; they are doing it for the money

via The Way of Snakes.


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