Just to Editorialize

Although, in the micro level, GuinaronaDotCom is about promoting the Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Parish as a site for religious tourism and ecotourism, we cannot be so insular as to yank out the macro, the general, the national.San Pascual Baylon Apparition on reliquary, March 19, 2015That is why. every so often. we feature articles of national and international import, and we encourage all and sundry to submit their MS for publication.We wish to thank the irrepressible Manong Santana for his explosive and thought-provoking piece, Calling a Spade a Spade: A Message to Filipinos. Said article drove our viewership to the stratosphere as follows:March 19, first publication 5,821March 20                        83,206March 21                        76,556March 22                        31,032In the meantime, here are the synchronicities around the aforementioned dates:March 19 Latest San Pascual Baylon apparitionMarch 20 Spring Equinox and Total Solar EclipseVery mystical, isn’t it?

via Just to Editorialize.


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