Posted in March 2015

Beyond the Cat-Dog Paradigm

From the wires, we have this story of a woman. who, while in repose and in the cremation of her remains, was guarded and attended to by stray dogs. All her life, she fed stray dogs and cats, which daily made a beeline to her home.Strange, you might say, that no stray cat had demonstrated … Continue reading

The Way of Snakes

As if the country is in the grip of a diabolical force that makes its inhabitants so crazy as to find fault in someone else except themselves.  What could be this force? Is it the second coming Christ, as it were?Some are so brazen as to accuse President Noynoy Aquino of mental instability, never mind … Continue reading

Just to Editorialize

Although, in the micro level, GuinaronaDotCom is about promoting the Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Parish as a site for religious tourism and ecotourism, we cannot be so insular as to yank out the macro, the general, the national.San Pascual Baylon Apparition on reliquary, March 19, 2015That is why. every so often. we feature articles of … Continue reading

Oh, No, It’s a Half-Baked Report!

Ultimately Responsible? NO, Poe! By Benjamin MaynigoMy barber asked, “What is your take on the Senate Report on the Mamasapano encounter? According to the report, PNoy is ‘ultimately responsible for the outcome of the mission’. Do you agree?”“NO, Poe!” I told my barber. The report bothers me. I believe that Senator Poe and the other Senators … Continue reading