The Filipino at His Worst

“Ridicule is a common feature of the Filipino character. It is an element of “amoral interdependence”, or the crablike way Filipinos deride others to raise themselves up. It starts in elementary school, which you can witness when you see kids laughing at their schoolmates who hurt themselves or otherwise mess up. It is devoid of compassion.”  — Joe AmericaThe above quote is from Joe America, an American transplant in the Philippines who loves the Philippines more than any Filipino.His observations are important, and they are as truthful as can be. Pray tell, how did it come about that the best President the Philippines ever had, is being derided by some Filipinos as “Abnoy”, among many other pejoratives?Joe America further observes:“This use of ridicule is widespread these days, not just in the Philippines, but in social media everywhere. It is not healthy. It is a disease. It is the opposite of compassion, a worthy human character trait. You don’t find much compassion in a hyena, either, I suppose. Or a crocodile.“Along with a well-developed penchant for ridicule, poor discernment is another weak character trait among way too many Filipinos. That’s why we have boxers and thieves as legislators. It’s why Senator Santiago runs high in the ratings for presidential candidates AMONG THE WELL EDUCATED. Because emotional stability, physical health, and managerial skill have no bearing on job qualifications even among supposedly enlightened Filipino voters. Rather, they like the “style”, the quip, the joke, the overblown sense of rectitude arising every time Senator Santiago takes a cut at someone else.”Aargh! Poor discernment. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

via The Filipino at His Worst.


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