Of Great Typhoons

Typhoons are beings of the air element; they are so much alive just like you and me. They too are composed of  molecules and atoms.  But they are bigger than life, and they have god-like powers.  Man is always at their mercy and never conversely.There is a theory nowadays that super typhoons are creations of the superpowers through their Tesla technology.  In that case, they have this genie in the bottle ready to be unleashed just for the heck of it.We don’t support or subscribe to that theory because in Leyte, Philippines, we have had big and lesser typhoons since we were kids. It is just how the cookie crumbles:  For as long as we have air, we will have typhoons.  In Leyte, the measure of a typhoon’s strength is when it is able to topple, nay blow away a half coconut that lies face down on the ground.  Hence the super typhoon of 1930:

via Of Great Typhoons.


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