The Damaged Culture Bit Revisited

On November 1, 1987, American author James Fallows published an article in the Atlantic Monthly titled, “A Damaged Culture:  A New Philippines?”, which caused quite a stir, considering that at the time, Filipinos were occupied clearing the debris that Marcos had left.From then on, nasty things happened, which seemed to buttress the damaged culture thesis, to wit:–The Marcoses (Imelda Marcos and kids), who were banished in 1986, have been voted into power, short of capturing Malacanang Palace.–The subsequent leaders after President Corazon Aquino, were themselves thieves, with the exception of the current palace occupant, President Noynoy Aquino.–The Supreme Court of the Philippines, as currently constituted, has its share of corruption shenanigans and is more defined as a power tripping cabal..–The current catch word of “bobotante”, referring to the mass of voters that sell their votes for a pittance, thus explaining the prevalence of ignoramuses in government.While it is noteworthy that under President Noynoy Aquino, the Philippines has become an economic tiger of sorts, the danger lurks that when the President finishes his term in 2016, things will revert to ours being a damaged culture in the strictest sense.

via The Damaged Culture Bit Revisited.


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