President Noynoy Aquino: A Kaleidoscope of a President

By Joe AmericaPhilippine President Noynoy AquinoYeah, yeah. Sorry, I can’t help myself. I’ve gone patriotic on the Philippines. I can’t figure out how the nation can get stronger when so many Filipinos insist on diminishing their country and its leadership.Just as the nation is rising.“Born to lose“So I push back. If you are inspired by failure, just skip this blog, eh? I’m writing to those who are proud of the Philippines.The name of the kaleidoscope was attached to the tube containing colored glass and pebbles by Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster, in 1817. The name kaleidoscope is. . .. . . derived from the Ancient Greek καλός (kalos), “beautiful, beauty”, εἶδος (eidos), “that which is seen: form, shape” and σκοπέω (skopeō), “to look to, to examine”, hence “observation of beautiful forms.” [Wiki]It is the most magical device. If you look at it from the outside, it is an ordinary tube of no particular distinction. But when you hold it up to the light, peer into the tube and turn it, dazzling colors and shapes appear, combinations that are totally unexpected and absolutely magnificent for their intricacy and color. Brilliant rainbow snowflakes, each symmetrical and unpredictable, each there for a moment, then . . . twist . . . on to the next one.It occurred to me that President Aquino is a lot like that.Most people, busy in their work, read the paper or flip on the telly and see the President speaking, or under attack, and they are only looking at the tube. They see a one-dimensional President. Or sometimes his spokespeople are trying to do the impossible, explain to very unimaginative and woefully simplistic press what a kaleidoscope thinks.But this is no simple man, and political efforts to define him as such are bare-faced deceits.Let’s turn the tube, eh, and see the multi-faceted shape our President takes.

via President Noynoy Aquino: A Kaleidoscope of a President.


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