Posted in November 2014

A Guinarona Christmas

Whereas Christmas in the U.S. officially starts on Thanksgiving Day (last Thursday of November), in the Philippines, you could already smell Christmas on September 1, and it lasts until Three Kings (January 6).In theory, Christmas Day is supposed to be the birthday of Jesus Christ, whereas it is just a celebration of when the Sun … Continue reading

An Endorsement from Spain

November 25, 2014. Today, we have just gotten the endorsement of the Basilica San Pascual Baylon re the construction of the New San Pascual Baylon Apparitions Cathedral in Guinarona. Our objective is to have the new church as the national shrine for San Pascual in the whole Philippines. This is par for the course inasmuch … Continue reading

The Damaged Culture Bit Revisited

On November 1, 1987, American author James Fallows published an article in the Atlantic Monthly titled, “A Damaged Culture:  A New Philippines?”, which caused quite a stir, considering that at the time, Filipinos were occupied clearing the debris that Marcos had left.From then on, nasty things happened, which seemed to buttress the damaged culture thesis, to … Continue reading