Towards Enlightenment: An Ancestor Reading

In this day and age of strange viruses threatening human annihilation and of albino animals popping up, the way to preserve one’s sanity is to go inside oneself to see what lurks in there, the better to determine one’s sense of purpose.Which was why I had this ancestor reading consultation with Ancestor Healing, who is the go-to guy for such divination. Ancestor healing has this innate ability to connect with your ancestors and derive an enlightening reading. The way I understand it, Ancestor Healing’s ancestors connect with your ancestors to come up with a road map for your life, which you will absorb and implement after the reading.In my case, what came out were the following.1. From my conception and birth my great, great, great, great grandmother from my mother’s side has been there, but it is only now that I have been made aware of the fact. This grandmother was well versed in magick and was so domineering and assertive to her wards–the quintessential protector. Now I have to thank her for the countless sanctuaries she has given me from all the vagaries of life. The reading also offered that I have this natural ability to connect to the spirit world and am a natural psychic and that I create things of beauty( hmmm. . .). Also, that my purpose in life is to elevate the ancestors and be of service to my tribe or clique.

via Towards Enlightenment: An Ancestor Reading.


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