Commencement Time

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Back in the day, our commencement exercises were held mid-March.  After that was playtime, with a lot of denizens opting to fly kites of myriads of sizes and configurations.  For the less audacious, there was play house, hide-and seek, get-in, tumbang preso, pitiw, softball, high jumping, swimming in the irrigation canals.  In other words, it was time to forget school.

735798_10201725462353056_521774241_o Our school back in the day, circa 1963. Photo by Fred Marinello

Nowadays, because of lost time due to weather disturbances, graduation exercises fall in April.  Also, because of the super typhoon, which destroyed a lot of schools, this time the commencement air is somber, austere, simple and bare.  Hoopla and showing off are out of the question.

What is important is that the essence of graduation is there, namely, that it is a milestone, a completion of a phase in a never-ending process of learning.  For learning never ends…

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