The Spirit World as Interface

Development templates for Guinarona

Item .  Of late, there have been sightings and reports of sightings of ghosts of the super typhoon’s victims in Tacloban City.  In large numbers, they hail public transport at night and would just disappear as mists upon the vehicles’ approach.  They appear drenched, disoriented and disheveled.

Item.  On May 16, 2012, eve of the Guinarona Centennial Fiesta, thousands of orbs floated where the Centennial Fireworks was being held.  Orbs are essentially of the spirit realm, indicating that they were also one in celebrating San Pascual’s Centennial.

560490_10151121901715620_1917340034_n Spirit orbs in Guinarona, Philippines, May 16, 2012

Question:  Where does the physical earth ends and the spirit word begins?  It is commonly said that earth is essentially a school where humans learn their lessons, before they graduate to the spirit realms, where they form concentric circles around earth.  It would seem that the first circle, which abuts the earth’s surface–thus an…

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