The Tragedy of Forgetfulness

It is one thing to suffer from Alzheimer’s and totally forget about your roots; and another to be deliberate about it, even as you have perfect health and above average means.  Which is what happens to some Guinaronanhons.  Some of them have families who figured well in Guinarona’s history and were active in the affairs of the community. Somewhere along the way, they encounter the Born Again paradigm or some other religious happenstance, and they just throw their roots under the bus.  They become aloof, and the worst part is that they assume the air of a know-it-all, of being self-righteous.  As a consequence, they have this bad habit of spitting on Guinarona’s name, on San Pascual Baylon, Guinarona’s patron saint.

via The Tragedy of Forgetfulness.


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