The New Reality

Development templates for Guinarona

A lucid dream it was.  In it was the suggestion that with the new San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona, Guinaronanhons will initiate new ways of doing things.  Indeed, fresh from having to deal with the finality of the old San Pascual’s disappearance and the total mess Super Typhoon Haiyan left us, what other mode of operating than change things up a bit?

First off, we had this reading from K, a first-rate oracle from the United States, whose being is possessed by an old soul knowledgeable in all things.  Her reading stated rather matter-of-factly that our old San Pascual has been underwater since the boat it was loaded on sank (photo with annotations).  Which means that we have to accept with finality that our century-old image of San Pascual is not coming home anytime soon, and that we have to banish our sorrow and just work around our loss.1899203_754987417846122_1176664511_n35


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