Think (and Manifest) with the Heart

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We don’t know what’s with the epoch that we live in, but wonders always crop up for our daily savoring.  For one thing, the dictum that the earth is but a school for us to learn the art of life before we graduate to another dimension, nay before we “go home”, is now more stark, thanks in no small part to the World Wide Web.  Now, more than ever, one can educate oneself outside of the four walls of a classroom, and the resources are there at the speed of a mouse’s click.

For instance. we have wondered how a lot of blind people ever achieved self-realization, in spite of being bereft of sight.  It could not be because of natural selection, because even blind dogs have this adaptive ability.  Then this eureka moment comes upon us, that it is the heart that does the wonder.  That the heart is…

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