An Upside to ST Yolanda

Development templates for Guinarona

Or Guinarona’s Contemporary History Through Peace Corps Volunteer Fred Marinello

If anything, Supertyphoon Yolanda and its aftermath glued people together the world over with the commonality of shared ethos, grief, compassion and charity. People wanted to reconnect with Filipinos in their hour of despair, even only to share their time, to offer encouragement, absent money or anything in kind to give.482925_4064319441094_1174270479_n

Which was what happened to us with Fred Marinello, a former Peace Corps Volunteer, who was assigned to Guinarona in 1963 to teach English and human values. Of course, we were familiar with him, even as we were already in Tacloban for our first year of High School, because we were always in Guinarona on weekends and on school-free days. And who would forget our caroling, with the other kids, at his boarding house on San Pascual Street for two Christmases.

Mr. Marinello was this huge hunk of a…

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