Dispatches from an Upturned Place

Development templates for Guinarona

Anecdotes galore before and after Super Typhoon Yolanda (1)

Super typhoon Yolanda brought out the best and the worst in men. Whether the monster was man-made–as some people aver–it was a HUGE laboratory with which to observe the effects of the most powerful cyclone in history on people and the environment.

o November 7, a day before Yolanda’s arrival, Eufemia Magcuro decided to wait it out at his son Nolan’s house near the Coke plant at Marasbaras, Tacloban City. All the while, she was thinking that Tacloban would be safer than Guinarona when it comes to a Category 5 typhoon. When Yolanda struck in the morning of November 8, they were huddled inside the house as the fierce winds roared and made deafening noises. Then one by one the house supports began to give way and water–deep, dark, dirty and foreboding–rushed inside up to the second floor. Then a loud…

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