News Release: San Pascual Baylon Relic Arrives

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A 15th century relic of San Pascual Baylon arrived May 2, 2013  in Manila, Philippines, via FEDEX from Vila-Real, Spain, where San Pascual spent his last days at the Franciscan Monastery there. The nuns at the Basilica San Pascual Baylon have prepared the relic, complete with authentication papers.

Romeo Magcuro Jr., of the NBI and relic project coordinator, received the relic at 2:30 p.m. at his Manila office.  On May 3, Guinaronanhons in Metro Manila offered a prayer vigil and a simple Bienvenida repast in honor of San Pascual.  May 5, the relic was brought to the Guinarona-Metro Manila fiesta in Pateros, wherein the saint’s fans and devotees were jubilant. From Manila, the relic will be hand-carried to its final home at the San Pascual Baylon Shrine in Guinarona, Leyte, and will be installed May 15 in time for the completion of its display quarters and the post-centennial Guinarona fiesta…

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