Hello, We Want a Trade Off!

In the picture are (1) the Vatican Museum in Rome (2) our last picture of the 108-year San Pascual Baylon icon, taken in April 2010 courtesy of Evelyn Fabian-Ausa, before it was stolen in June 2010 or two months later, and (3) San Pascual’s drawing of August 28, 2010 of a ship with arching smoke, through rum libation.

According to a very reliable source, when Salvacion Aguillon, leader of the Ang Banal na Pagaaral Group — a world-wide charismatic organization — visited Guinarona on March 10, 2012, she revealed that our cherished San Pascual image is now in the Vatican Museum. Yes, you heard it right: Vatican Museum in Rome. Note that Aguillon has an office in Rome too. Our forebears bought the icon through their blood, sweat and tears, and it is now in the Vatican–just like that. Note, too, that museums have budgets to buy their stuff, so this begs the question: Did money change hands? You bet, blood money in the instant case. As Guinaronanhons, should we demand a trade off? You can bet on that too. As far as I am concerned the trade off should be that they build the Guinarona church into a BASILICA. We welcome your suggestions, so we can prepare the petition addressed to the Vatican. In the meantime, ours will only be a Centennial by Proxy. So on with the show!

In hindsight, the automatic drawing of the ship meant that on August 28, 2010, San Pascual’s icon was on its way to the Vatican. Or it could bode well for other related things.


2 thoughts on “Hello, We Want a Trade Off!

  1. If money changed hands in the selling of 108-year old image of San Pascual Bailon, it could be a large sum of money, thousands of dollars or more. I have a doubt and it could be true, before negotiations prosper to prove its claim as Century old, proper documents, papers and study are needed to convince the buyer or museum. The big question is why Vatican entertained an offer if it was represented by a bogus (hoax) or thieves, if your source is reliable. Only an authorized representative (thieves) person do the negotiations to convince the buyer…. You get what i mean? Then the next move who is that person? No need for trade off, its just like begging, i think petition or and Claims coming from its parishioners be applied and file charges against those who were in charge when the image was stolen.

    1. Thank you, Rene. The Rome thing was the subject of an editorial at wwww.sanpascualcentennialplus.net/editorial way back in September 2011. Maybe Ate Salve reads the San Pascual website? Having said that, what if the church hierarchy in Leyte is involved in the caper? If that is the case, then the authentication process in the Vatican is moot. Also, many people stopped going to church since the century old San Pascual icon was stolen; so if the declaration by Ate Salve was a ruse to entice back the parishonners, it was effective.

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