A Vision of Nibiru?

This is about the bluish vortex of light which appeared in New Zealand and Russia, as per the following links:



Then today, April 6, I got this message from John Killrory, a visionary who has the GIFT.  Please read up and ruminate.

Re: Ring of bluish fire

First I will tell you what led up to the ring of fire being shown to me.

Two years before the twin towers fell on September 11, 2001, I was shown what would happen by a man who said he was a messenger.   It started with me walking over a bridge to a very big city.

I stop on the bridge half way across and started to cry to GOD and say, “Why do you allow good man and women to be killed and hurt by evil man and women”.   I then was next to these two very tall buildings that stood side by side. As I looked up at these two very tall buildings, I heard a voice from the sky say, “The fullness of my dispensation has come”.  All of a sudden the first building was hit by a steel bird.  I could see the building blow up at the top with fire and an orange fireball.  I could see the glass come falling down all in slow motion.  I then heard the same voice say again, “The fullness of my dispensation has come”.  Then another steel bird hit the next building and the same thing happened to it just like the first building.  Then I heard the voice say the same line again and the buildings came crashing down one after the other.  I saw the twin towers fall and it was like I was watching it all in living color.  It was like I was right there at the base of the buildings watching it all unfold.  Well two years later this event happened and I sat there with my family stunned with the thought I had seen this all take place.  My friend and family could not believe I had told them this and now it was happening.

About four years ago the same man came to me and told me that he was going to show me the next event that would take place.  I was out side and it was night all the stars were out and I was told to look up.  I saw this very white light in the sky.  It exploded and started to to move outward.  It then started to implode into itself and then it blew up again. This time it turned into a bluish ring of fire energy that was moving in all directions.  This messenger then told me as I watched the ring move in every direction fast across the sky and that if anyone stayed outside to watch this event as the ring passes over their heads they would die.  He said it will happen and that millions and millions will die from this event.  The ring was very beautiful and people will be inclined to watch it not knowing what it is. Remember the movie Independence Day when the ship opens up to destroy the buildings with fire? The people were on top of the building since they were told to come.  When the lady saw the ship opening up and saw the light she said, “It’s so pretty” and then bam they where all killed.  That is how people will react to the light, they will think it is so pretty and then when the light passes over their heads they will die.  I was not told how they would die but he said that whoever is outside when the ring passes will die.  Trust me, I know this will happen and I have written about what I have seen to people all over the internet and I do hope many will listen.  It is coming and now you have been informed.  May GOD help us all with the evil that will be causing this.  Please help me to inform the masses.  GOD BLESS you and thank you for wanting to know.  Now you know and that is half the battle.  As GOD is my witness, I tell the truth and not the lies of the people who say it is all going to be alright.  JJ

UFO? Vortex of light over New Zealand, March 31, 2011

6 thoughts on “A Vision of Nibiru?

  1. P.S. from JJ:
    Re: Ring of bluish fire
    Hi,,,Any person who is outside looking up at the ring of blue light as it passes over their head will die. I do not know how this ring will kill them but the man said it would and he made sure i heard that part clear. This ring of bluish fire will sweep over the entire planet and who ever stays to watch it and will not go into their home will die as it passes swiftly over their head and their part of the world..GOD BLESS and GOD speed,,,JJ

    1. PPS from JJ:

      Re: Anything. . .
      Hi,,I do not know what will,cause this energy ring.I know it will not be man made.
      It looked like a lot of energy would cause this.In the ring of bluish white energy. Will be all this lighting and the ring of energy will move the way a ocean wave moves.If you where to see the light explode and then the wave of energy you would have four to six seconds to get inside before this way passes over your head.There was a lot of energy in the wave that looked like lighting shooting everywhere.I was told it had to do with a certain part of the bible where they where told to not harm the trees or any green thing. Read that up in the bible. Yes I also have more info I will speak about,,,JJ

  2. John Killrory

    These blue rings that are now appearing are the front runners to the one I saw.
    You have been warned so please remember what i have told you.GOD bless,,JJ

  3. JJ

    Just checking your blog.Hope all is well and you are seeking
    Always with the blessing of GOD for you my dear friend,,JJ
    PS I will have some new info as soon as i am allowed to tell you.
    It will be life changing for the world,,JJ

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