Posted in December 2010

Chat with Underboneriders, 12/20/10

UB:  good day ME:  oyyy, kumusta na! baga maupay man it iyo mga activities, bilib ako UB:  tnx.. kamo hermano ht 2013 ha guinarona? ME:  ambot kun kin-o, focused kasi ako sa centennial eh alam ko si valentin raquel it hermano hit 2012, maupay kay dati ko ito estudyante UB:  i see..i propose nga mg ka my … Continue reading

The Absoluteness of It All

When we were editing the DMCI Bulletin in the 80’s,  our Christmas issue which really stood out was the one filled with musings about death.  Which elicited countless unease as well as shrugs.  For one thing, December reminded us of the passing away of Father, on December 24, 1970 to be exact.  And how we … Continue reading

The Dream

Note:  Our ancestors communicate with us through dreams.  Important are dreams so vivid that you don’t easily forget them.  Decoding the message in the dream is another matter though.  It helps that you reconcile the dream with the exigencies of the moment. Last night (December 4) my dream was this:  I found myself in my … Continue reading