A centennial. . .

We Guinaronanhons have been jealously protective of San Pascual Baylon’s icon to the point that we can sue to have it back in Guinarona.  That’s why, with its latest disappearance on June 13, (in a series of sleights of hand), it is as if we face a big obstacle.  San Pascual has disappeared a number of times in the past, so we are confident that he will be back in Guinarona just as he did before.  Only that this time, with the San Pascual Parish Church gated and bolted, it became as easy as pie for some knaves to teleport him elsewhere.  Ummmm, we smell a rancid fish here.

At any rate, we promised that in exchange for San Pascual’s return, we will organize a Centennial of sorts for him.  Of sorts, because we should have scheduled the BIG DAY on May 17, 2004 yet.

By 2012, San Pascual Baylon will have been in Guinarona for 108 years.  The saint’s first centennial should have been in 2004, as reckoned from the first fiesta celebration on May 16-17, 1904, when Don Alfonso Maray became the first Hermano Mayor.

The Century-old image of San Pascual Baylon at Guinarona.

In the interim, San Pascual has figured in numerous controversies, i.e. court litigation and outright theft of his image, the latest being June 13, 2010, when he was lost again  As a sign of our devotion to San Pascual Baylon and to welcome him back to Guinarona, we are organizing a centennial of sorts, calling it SAN PASCUAL BAYLON CENTENNIAL PLUS, May 9-17, 2012.

We enjoin all Guinaronanhons–and devotees in general–to celebrate with us.  Let this be our legacy to our children and grandchildren, so that they will take after us for the second Centennial.  As they say, life is short, so let’s celebrate this important milestone with San Pascual Baylon, our patron saint.

San Pascual Baylon Centennial Plus

A Centennial Celebration is not one to trifle with.  It is history in the making, and it comes once in a lifetime.  Let’s just say that this overdue Centennial for San Pascual is a victim of the Philippine diaspora, as most of the intrepid Filipinos have gone abroad.  Kudos to the New Technology, the Internet in particular, we can now organize virtually in real time.  What remains therefore is to program ahead so we can be physically present during the celebrations.


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