Message from San Pascual Baylon

The century-plus old image of San Pascual Baylon at Guinarona

I. Abstract

August 28, 2010, we did a ritual for San Pascual Baylon.  The objective was to elicit his take on our suggestion that we orgnize a CENTENNIAL PLUS celebration in his behalf, only that he should return to Guinarona.  We also sought his help in guiding us to the source of funds for the occasion.  The most amazing thing was that he answered posthaste, drawing a a pair of hands, presumably his, applauding!

II. Materials and Methods

Before the ritual, we assembled the following:  One green, rectangular glass plate, a picture of  San Pascual Baylon’s replica, San Pascual Baylon’s sigil in red marking pen; offerings of Russian chocolate, Russian cigarette, a small pineapple fruit, white tealight candle anointed with liquid condenser, Russian tea burned as incense together with Amazonian herbs; Aztec calendar and 5-year Guinean rum.

We started the ritual thus:

1.  We lit the tea light candle and fired the incense.

2.  We centered ourself as per the New Avatar Power ritual.

3.  We chanted the Javanese spell for clearing the way.

4.  With our secret name, we acknowledged the following energies:  Lamaynah, Kamael, Bune, Astarte, Thoth and Osayin.

5.  We called San Pascual Baylon with our secret name and chanted his hymn, thus:


I  (Moderato)

San Pascual nga am’ mananabang

Maluloy-on nga am’ sinarigan

Pamati-a ayaw gad itubyan

Im’ agakon kami ngatanan

(Repeat I)

II  (Fast beat)

Kay ikaw man ang marig-on nga am’salipdanan

Linaoman nga tambal han am’ kasakitan

San Pascual, ikaw an am’ kalasag

Am’ araba papati-a bis’ sugad

(Repeat II)

III  (Moderato)

Inin amon barrio, nayukbo ha imo

Inin am’ pag-ampo, unta panunggon mo

Hadton mga tu-ig, bis’ damo’n kaaway

Kami an mga anak mo, ha im’ papahuway

(Repeat III and II)

6.  We implored San Pascual Baylon that he return to Guinarona, and we bargained that we will organize a CENTENNIAL PLUS celebration in his behalf, and that we be guided to the source of funds for the purpose.

7.  We poured some rum on the pineapple fruit in such a way that it would leach through San Pascual Baylon’s sigil.

III.  Results and Discuassion

On the morning of August 29, we approached the altar to see the message from San Pascual Baylon.  Lo and behold, as a result of the rum libation, there were figures on the sigil, the most prominent of which was the image of two white hands applauding.  The other figures we have yet to decipher as to their significance.

Rum patterns during ritual for San Pascual Baylon. Two hands clapping?
Altar set-up during ritual for San Pascual Baylon. Note the picture of San Pascual Baylon on top.

IV.  Conclusion

Although we got goosebumps with the patterns of the rum libation, we take it that San Pascual Baylon is going to return to Guinarona, after having been hijacked last June 13, 2010, and that he is accepting our pledge of organizing a CENTENNIAL PLUS celebration for his return.


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