Spirits come as humans too!

Our experience teaches us that spirits appear as humans too.  We had this engkanto guest every fiesta in Guinarona. She was a middle-aged woman and had always the same clothing each time she visits.  Hers was of the sinamay cloth, which was hardly in production, even in the 60’s.  The upper part of her get-up was light pink in color.  The saya or bottom part was dark to light brown.

The engkanto had always a male child in tow, and both seemed not to age each time they visit.  They would always arrive at our house before the Offertory of the fiesta mass.  She was loquacious, regaling us with stories about her other children at Limburan, wherever it was.  You really could not do eyeball with them, and they would just evade your stare.  We would gift them with fiesta goodies to bring to Limburan.  One time we followed them after their bidding goodbye–and they just disappeared at the Guinarona River bridge.  Disappeared, as in evaporated into thin air!

Of late, we have also experienced how a spirit would appear as man.  Here’s our entry in our journal:

Have you come across some advertisement about a novena to a saint, like St. Joseph or St. Anthony of Padua? Well, the advertiser was just making known his experience so as to be emulated, hence a way of repaying the saint for favors granted. Which is exactly what I am going to do now.

Last Monday, April 26, with the moon almost full, I did my ritual for Thoth, the god of the moon. I prepared a rolled up candle with a sigil of my intention or wish and anointed it with ghee mixed with Indian saffron (turmeric). I lit the candle and the incense of sage mixed with Seven African Powers oil. I chanted Thoth’s name combined with my secret name and intersperse it with the chanting of my intention. In the process I gazed at the Thoth representation and the candle flame, which was practically dancing before my eyes, revealing some surreal and mesmerizing images. I came out of it contented, exhilarated and enlightened of sorts. Then I took a nap in preparation for my work for the night shift.

On the morning of Tuesday, April 27, as I opened the gates of the supermarket to usher in the day shift, what would I find? On the outside counter where night customers do their ordering, I found letters spelling T h o t h with some weird symbol after. Coincidence? Who would know about Thoth in our neighborhood for him to scribble it?

Me, I consider it a sign of Thoth saying he hears me. And hopefully granting my wish.

I took a picture of this. What sayeth thou?

Thoth signature appearing after my ritual on April 22, 2010
Thoth signature appearing after my ritual on April 26, 2010

Indeed, what sayeth thou?


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