Leyte-Samar culture: The village, town fiesta

In Leyte-Samar, the barrio or town fiesta is an annual affair.  In fact, the fiesta is the most anticipated event there.

Yes, fiestas are costly.  But just as there are many ways of skinning a cat, as it were, fiestas can and should be income-generating.

–Industrial and trade fairs should be held on or before the fiesta itself.  The fees on selling booths and a minimal share on sales should go a long way in helping the community.  New and extant products from local entrepreneurs could find their niches during such events.

–Benefit concerts, benefit stage plays and games with corporate sponsorships would also redound to income for the community involved.

–Fiesta parades should be themed such that they attract local and foreign tourists–and their expenses will go to local commerce.

2010 Fiesta Scenes, Guinarona In Leyte, Philippines

Practically every month there is a local fiesta anywhere in Leyte-Samar.

Fiesta greetings!


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