Posted in August 2010

Message from San Pascual Baylon

I. Abstract August 28, 2010, we did a ritual for San Pascual Baylon.  The objective was to elicit his take on our suggestion that we orgnize a CENTENNIAL PLUS celebration in his behalf, only that he should return to Guinarona.  We also sought his help in guiding us to the source of funds for the … Continue reading

San Pascual Baylon Parish: A Fact Sheet

(Acknowledgment:  This is a hodgepodge of fellow Guinaronanhon, Froilan Tajarros’ research.} Message from San Pascual Baylon: SAN PASCUAL BAYLON GUINARONA PARISH CHURCH Guinarona, Dagami, Leyte 6515 Philippines To my Flock, The People of Guinarona, its Parishioners and visitors. On the 17th day of May, as your Pastor. Come therefore to my house and assemble for … Continue reading

The Guinarona Barangay High School of Yore

Our stint as teacher at the Guinarona Barangay High School (now the Guinarona National High School) began after our near-death experience in 1975.  Perhaps out of patriotism or paying a debt of gratitude to our hometown did we graciously accept the position.  We handled physics, chemistry, trigonometry, geometry, and elementary and advanced algebra.  Our principal … Continue reading

Spirits come as humans too!

Our experience teaches us that spirits appear as humans too.  We had this engkanto guest every fiesta in Guinarona. She was a middle-aged woman and had always the same clothing each time she visits.  Hers was of the sinamay cloth, which was hardly in production, even in the 60’s.  The upper part of her get-up … Continue reading

Leyte-Samar culture: The coco wine maker

(Intro:) Nasaklay han kawit, kay ako. . . Ako manganggete. . . I Nagnakagusing nagkagurugilway an dahon han lubi Han sinsinakasaka han sinakasaka hinin manganggete Kun pagdudumdumon, kun pagdudumdumon mga kagul-anan Bisan bugto, bisan sangkay di angay tagayan. (Repeat I) II Kamakuri-kuri man la hinin akon kinabuhi Nasaklay hadton kawit pagtuba, lubi nga ak ginsasaka … Continue reading

Leyte-Samar culture: Who does the best Curacha?

Think Leyte and Samar? Then think Curacha! Who would have thought that churches, auditoriums and other projects could be built through Curacha? The dance originates from Leyte-Samar, and mimics the courtship between a rooster and a hen.  It begins with a moderate beat and climaxes with a rapid movement, where the male is coaxing the … Continue reading

After cheating death twice. . .

There must be something for us in this valley of tears, something of a calling. . .for us to cheat death twice. And would there be a third? When we were kids, after the school break, we would hie ourself toTabon-tabon where our oldest sister and her family resided. It was not that we disliked … Continue reading

Musings on the Aztec Calendar

We have had the Aztec Calendar talisman for three months now, and we have stopped procuring some such.  And do you know why?  Well, we found the Aztec calendar to be the ultimate talisman. A talisman is an object, either natural or man-made, believed to be endowed with special powers to protect or bring good … Continue reading