In defense of smoking

Smoking Kapre, by Bobbie Short

We were able to quit smoking for a year in 1984.  But then the following year,  Congressman Tony Cuenco of Cebu hired us as his chief speech writer, and the pressure was just too much, which smoking mitigated.  From then on, we were back to smoking–with a vengeance, we might add.

When we stopped the habit for a year, we became bloated–as in obese.  It’s true that nature abhors a vacuum and that one absent thing will find a counterpart.  In our case the counterpart was pigging out.  The result was that we were always catching our breath–because of our fatness, moving about was a chore, including breathing normally.  When we begun smoking again, we ate less, and as a result, our weight fell into what we call “normal”.

We find it absurd that some people are egging President Aquino to quit the habit of smoking.  They don’t understand that even cars burn something in order for them to be of service to man.  They would rather inhale the belched smoke from vehicles–which causes cancer in humans–and bitch about smoking cigarettes by P-Noy and ourself.  They also do not know that tobacco is a very potent offering to our deceased ancestors and spirits in general.  In fact, the native American Indians first  introduced tobacco to the world as a spiritual offering.  The conquering whites latched onto the practice, not metaphysically, but as a way to calm their nerves.

There must be something in tobacco for it to walk astride between dimensions.  Kapres are known to be inveterate smokers.  We had this huge house in Guinarona which was a prop to many a kapre during moonlit nights, as vouched by so many, and they were always seen piping up!

The country’s  GNP  and GDP are  buoyed up by the productivity of people who smoke–from the rice farmer to presidents.  So STOP!  Stop preaching and leave us smokers in peace!


2 thoughts on “In defense of smoking

  1. Not all tobacco is Medicine Tobacco. Not all tobacco can act as a medium between realms. Most commercial tobacco has all sorts of carcinogenic chemicals added, is processed and dried with machines is wrapped in bleached pseudo paper is cultivated in decidedly non-spiritual ways which are often (usually) abusive to workers. These tobaccos contaminated by the enterprise of acquiring money can be used as offerings of respect, just as anything can be used. But who wants it? However the properties that would make this tobacco sacred, are usually absent. And the offerings are only appreciated by addictive people and not so pleasant other beings. Most commercial tobacco even has addiction enhancers so that smokers will keep purchasing the addiction feeding money product.

    There are many physical medicinal uses for tobacco from being an excellent muscle relaxer to counter acting the stings of bees and wasps. Again, with commercial tobacco you don’t really know what you have, so that it is better to not use it. It is probably laced with anti- fungals, insecticides, defoliants, emulsifiers, anti-caking chemicals, artificial flavors, poisons for rodents and who knows what all “secret” ingredients. Much better to avoid. Then there are the papers used to make packaged cigarettes. Monsanto is quite happy for you to ingest the dioxins and other chemicals used to make the paper, and whatever is used to make the glues. If you roll your own, at least you avoid the glue by using spit. Cigars have their own list of dangers as does pipe tobacco. However, of all the commercial tobaccos, pipe tobaccos are the best, even with the added flavors.

    Kinnick, also called Scared Tobacco, is prepared from plants that do not grow everywhere, and so that the ingredients will vary by region, and preference. Kinnick is not usually made from tobacco, though Kinnick, also, is Sacred Medicine Tobacco. The manner in which the medicine plants are grown, how they harvested and handled, stored, and the manner in which it they are presented and used are all governed by intent. Intent is the missing ingredient that makes Tobacco and/or Kinnick to be Medicine or Sacred. To truly be Sacred Tobacco, the intent must be present for the entire growing cycle of the plant.

    If your own intent is merely to feed an addiction, that is all that happens. That tobacco, by reason of intent, is only a vehicle to gather money. The victims hooked to a smoking habit are, by reason of the tobacco grower’s and the company’s intent, only a source of money. The health and well being of the addicted smokers is of no consequence to those whose intent is to acquire money.

    Intent is the most important ingredient. As my Mother used to say,”So put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

    1. Thanks for the articulate comment. As for the chemicals in commercial tobacco products, I liken them to the add-ons in food, e.g. monosodium glutamate, sodium benzoate, EDTA, etc. Still and all nobody bans them. So to each bliss, I guess.

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