Notes to self in the Aquino era

Coconuts growing luxuriantly at Kauranan

Ten years.  Ten long years.  That’s how long we have stayed in the United States.  And it’s now time.  Time to go home.  To good old Guinarona.  To at least matter to our paisanos before we give up the ghost.

They say that America is the land of milk and honey.  Well, it depends, we guess.  Not nowadays anyway.  Maybe during the time of the late  Filipino poet, Jose Garcia Villa.  For one thing, the bees here in America are now bordering on extinction, as they are afflicted with a mysterious disease, which some say is attributable to cellular phone use.  So that takes the “honey” away–and by that, America loses the epithet.

Kauranan: the beginnings of an eco-tourism development

We envision ourself bringing our butt to Kauranan, the coconut plantation which our parents bequeathed us.  We would like to think that Kauranan will figure well in eco-tourism, thus generating employment and contributing to national well being.

Slowly but surely, we will turn  Kauranan into a world-class tourist destination.   At least, that’s our hope.   How about

–Delicacies such as tilapia (bream) or hito (catfish) being served to guests right from the fish ponds at Kag-ibuli, which we are turning into a mini-lake for the purpose;

–Fresh vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, pechay, eggplant, jalapenos, string beans, ampalaya and others being grown organically;

–Organic cosmetics such as Kauranan black soap and black soap shampoo for guests’ use and for outside sales;

–Fresh, organically grown herbs for the resort kitchen and the spa;

–Fresh flowers organically produced in greenhouses for the resort and for sale to all publics;

–Fresh strawberries–yes, strawberry beds forever;

–All things coconut being served to guests, such as coconut yogurt, coconut wine, coconut cheese, coconut kinilaw dressing, and others;

–Tree houses galore where guests can retire;

–A club house incorporating materials of the tree houses.

As outreach, we will help beautify Guinarona, through Guinarona Development Foundation.  In the words of our friend Nestor P.  Dolina:

“I am admiring what you guys are doing, like making the jungle pool, and planting of Canna flowers. Can you imagine your streets planted with Canna flowers. One color say red on one side and yellow on the other side? Or you plant all red Canna on a hectare of property then another hectare with yellow or pink Canna. All the photographers will visit your town.  It will be like Holland.  Hope you guys will succeed.”

Who will not feel those sincere words?  Only the pachyderm, we guess.

Plus we are in P-Noy’s era, where everything is possible.  Including a world-class Kauranan eco-resort.


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