Centering for Filipinos

The endemic graft and corruption in Philippine body politic are not merely the apotheosis of  “kung anon’g puno, siyang bunga”  (Whatever the source, so is the fruit).  Granted the crooked ways of the previous administration were one for the books;  granted that the previous president was so callous and unfeeling to the bread-and-butter concerns of the Filipino people.  What this amounts to is  the lack of dialog  between  the Filipino and his soul, i.e. his core or center.

And not even the Catholic Church can lay claim to the practice of centering.  Why, they are even in the forefront of campaigning for the status quo, of more babies even as our resources don’t warrant it.

When we were “neither grass nor hay”, we were a major headache to our parents–we flouted authority, run berserk and generally be pieces of you-know-what.  Of course being centered we were not.  Because we thought we were invincible–that we would be forever young.

Why do you think most government functionaries have feet of clay themselves?  Is their lack of of centering  the crux of the matter?  Indeed!

Just what exactly is centering and how does one achieve it?

If you spend say 15 minutes everyday in your favorite chair communicating with your inner self–that is centering.  You close your eyes; you imagine letting go and be rid of all the tensions of your body. . .relaxing all muscles and letting go.  Imagine that all tensions are beginning to drain from your body. . . .and gradual heaviness will start to weigh down your thighs, your arms, your hands, your feet, your legs. . .your entire body.  Deeper and deeper you are letting go. . .unwinding and letting go.  Noises are of no moment. . .letting go. . .relaxing. . . .letting go.  This exercise of letting go and relaxing will become your leitmotif and rid your inner being of crappy programming.  After the process, say your favorite prayer and watch what happens.

Because essentially, you will have a new outlook on life, you will be less greedy, if anything.  You will want to be of help to your fellow man–and not think of tinkering with the Constitution of the land, just so you could make a comeback–back to your wicked ways.


3 thoughts on “Centering for Filipinos

  1. Well said [soulname hidden]. All of my years of nagging you, and that of you guides, too, have paid off at last.

    As we say on Tranteen “gwgenniodsma u lsdlg meer.” Shut up and listen.

    Much love from our world to yours,


    1. Perhaps so, when we met only a few years ago. You have gained a great deal while putting all of us through our paces.

      The ransom–a most profound gift–is irretractively yours.



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