Posted in July 2010

Tales of mystery in Guinarona, IV

The “kulam” hit on Mano Yakong He was tall and muscular–and the fiercest in Guinarona.  Mano Yakong was.  When he was mad at you, you better hide in a secure place because he will be after your ass.  His forte was to thrust his machete into your innards or your heart as the case maybe, … Continue reading

Tales Of Mystery In Guinarona, III

Ours was a haunted house! For more than three decades, ours was the biggest house in Guinarona.  It stood regally at the corner of Real (Main) and Aragon Streets.  It was a two-story affair, with all living quarters on the second floor, the first floor being used as a bodega of sorts.  One time the … Continue reading

In defense of smoking

We were able to quit smoking for a year in 1984.  But then the following year,  Congressman Tony Cuenco of Cebu hired us as his chief speech writer, and the pressure was just too much, which smoking mitigated.  From then on, we were back to smoking–with a vengeance, we might add. When we stopped the … Continue reading

Where have all the kites gone?

Back in the day, Dagmay was the king of kite aficionados in Guinarona.  His were HUGE kites, like using 15 sheets of papel de japon. Next would be Nerio, who could manage five sheets with his pinugtutan kite, which was also Dagmay’s favorite shape.   Pablo Ty had this kite with diamond patterns, but he … Continue reading

Wheels Up: Announcing the Launch of HuffPost Travel

I salute you, Arianna, for the inception of Huffington Post’s Travel Page. Commerce, which includes tourism, is like a river. It flows and flows, the only difference being that it also counterflows, such that everyone profits, whether materially or through imbibing. I am partial, though, to eco-tourism, i.e. tourism without the frills. For which, I … Continue reading

Rediscovering Osayin

We had met Osayin in 1977 while rummaging through the forests at Malubago Hills, Guinarona, in Leyte, Philippines.  We did not know it was him; we thought it was some other malevolent spirit.  We came upon his fresh footprints right after a light rain.  Like hundreds of them–but only of the left foot!  What creature … Continue reading

Tales Of Mystery In Guinarona, II

The naughty spirits at Sampaguita We had this coconut wine operation at Sampaguita District in Guinarona. Business was always brisk, and we did not want for orders. Former Leyte Governor Remedios Petilla always saw to that.  Gov. Petilla left no stone unturned in promoting the Don Alfonso Coco Wine in the four directions. One time … Continue reading

Tales of mystery in Guinarona, I

Tale Number One Mano Palab was the silent and unassuming type.  Yet when you coaxed him to do tell, you could be sure that only the truth came out of his mouth.  Mano Palab was one of our caretakers in our coconut plantations west of Guinarona in Leyte, Philippines. One time, Mano Palab and Mr. … Continue reading