Posted in June 2010

San Pascual and Guinarona: Two sides of the same coin

Guinarona is San Pascual Baylon and San Pascual Baylon is Guinarona.  Just ask around, the truism speaks for itself. That’s why, with the recent disappearance of San Pascual’s image, on June 12, 2010 to be exact, it is as if Guinaronanhons have lost their moorings.  Such drama had happened before, and each time, after a … Continue reading

The case for coconut waste utilization, I

Let’s have a focus on the coconut and the new and revolutionary things that we can do with it. Hereabouts, we call the coconut,  the tree of life, for the reason that every part of it is of beneficial use to man. Even as the country is a major coconut producer, the Philippines is most … Continue reading